Is your Tech Partner Cloud Native?

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Mortgage lending is so compeitive, innovation is critical. From the way products are developed and marketed, to the way loan officers present the offereings, to the way they are delivered – innovation comes in many forms. However, too often technology is a barrier that prevents lenders to innovate continuously in the competitive landscape.

Don’t let technology be a barrier. 

Lenders that don’t utilize cloud native technology will fall behind in this innovation race. Take the next step towards faster innovation, increased data security, and rapid testing environments (to name a few advantages of the public cloud) and learn why your tech partner needs to be cloud native.

About the Author:


Brian K. Davis
Chief Information & Platform Officer, Mortgage Cadence

Managing Director, Accenture Technology
Intelligent Cloud & Infrastructure

Brian K. Davis serves as Chief Information and Platform Officer of Mortgage Cadence and is an Accenture Managing Director in the Technology Intelligent Cloud & Infrastructure (ICI) practice. Davis began working with Mortgage Cadence during the summer of 2018 formulating and guiding its journey to its next generation cloud to ensure long-term stability and rapid scalability of the Mortgage Cadence technologies and positioning it to deliver the Mortgage Cadence Platform (MCP) to lenders across the country.

Brian previously lead Accenture’s US Southwest Region’s Cloud Transformation and Journey to Cloud (J2C) practice. Brian holds an accreditation as an AWS Technical Professional.  With 24+ years of IT experience, he has proven program and project management skills in large-scale technology migrations and implementations and has led IT strategy programs and direction for Fortune 500 companies. 

Brian received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from SE Oklahoma State University in 1995.

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