Is your LOS Fueling Your Productivity in this Refi Boom?

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Market conditions are changing fast due to fluctuating interest rates and coronavirus concerns. Lenders are finding out how adaptable their LOS is as they deal with a rapid increase in refi volume, and as you may know, high volume markets reveal all the gaps and bottlenecks in your current process and technology.

The experts from Mortgage Cadence and Newbold Advisors will share with you modern capabilities that lending technology has to offer that will take your lending performance to the next level. 

We’ll share with you the following:

  • Determining strategic drivers
  • Identifying your gaps bottlenecks
  • Documenting your current process
  • Mapping your existing tech footprint
  • Modern capabilities for lending technology today
  • What to consider when working with a consultant

Pamela Herrmann, VP Marketing Mortgage Cadence


Cate Dalton, EVP Customer Advocacy, Mortgage Cadence


Arleen Scavone, Principle, Newbold Advisors

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