LFC 24.0 Release Training Session

February 20th, 11:30AM MST


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LFC 24.0 Release Training Session

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The webinar is being hosted on Tuesday, February 20th from 11:30AM – 1:00PM MST.

The enhancements included in LFC 24.0 Release are listed below:

  • LPA 5.3 and DU 1.8.4 – Updates to support the AUS specifications from the GSEs.
  • ULDD Phase 4a Additional Updates – Updates to support additional ULDD specification updates effective in 2024.
  • Mortgage Insurance Enhancements – Supports configuring default MI Coverage Percentage, updates for MGIC to have a separate Rate Quote field, and updates to include additional information when ordering MI.
  • ARM Caps and Regs Data – Updates to the calculation engine mapping to support a specific ARM loan scenario and updates to the data included when ordering Regs Data.
  • Bi-Merge Credit Reports – Support for ordering a bi-merge credit report within LFC.
  • Average Credit Score – Support for an alternative method of calculating the credit score used to quality and price the loan. Most functionality associated with this feature will not be available in production with the release.
  • Resolved Tickets – Numerous resolved tickets are included in the 24.0 Release; you can review these tickets by accessing the 24.0 Resolved Tickets tab in the Known Issues workbook on the Resource Center.

Note: If you are unable to view the registration form, please reach out to heythere@mortgagecadence.com 

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