MCP 2.1 PR 1 HF1 Release Preview Webinar

April 5th, 10:00AM MDT


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MCP 2.1 PR 1 HF1 Release Preview Webinar 

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The webinar is being hosted on Wednesday, April 5th from 10:00AM – 10:30AM MDT.


During this session we will cover:

  • SCIF – Null housing counseling and homeownership education questions being sent to Doc Center and populated in the SCIF document as No — 3/1/23 SCIF Regulatory Implementation
  • Document Tracking – Document Viewer high memory usage when multiple documents open, tab close not releasing memory
  • Enhancement – Update Document Tracking view document to be able to use either browser default PDF viewer or download document
  • SSO – Admin users do not have access to expected Modules in the Admin client when using SSO
  • Rollback: County Taxes monthly payment rounding incorrectly causing issues with compliance documents
  • Max Terms value automatically assigned to loan Terms (Months) for fixed products with range specified for Min and Max
  • Update VA Field Enumerations for VA Documents Update
  • Add new fields for VA documents update
  • Core Config Patch – Enhancement – Update VA Loan Summary page with new Certificate of Eligibility fields
  • Update format for two new VA fields and Custom Export
  • Early Check ULDD – Requests are no longer sending AutomatedUnderwritingCaseIdentifier element in XML
  • Receiving 404 Not Found errors when trying to open Document Viewer
  • Users Module – Loading Users module in Admin takes a long time or never loads
  • Remove default enable of OB Engine
  • Budget Draw functionality reflecting data integrity issues
  • AddOrSetHUDFeeByFeeAlias setting incorrect Electronic Payment Type
  • Loan Discount points calculation rounding not consistent

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