MCP 3.0 Release Preview Webinar

April 19th, 9:30AM MDT


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MCP 3.0 Release Preview Webinar 

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The webinar is being hosted on Wednesday, April 19th from 9:30AM – 11:00AM MDT.


During this session we will cover:


  • Soft Pull Credit for Existing Credit Providers
  • ComplianceEase TRID Monitor
  • Title Network Updates
  • Mercury Appraisal – Migrate to SC & Enhance Capabilities
  • FormFree VOA- Embedded FormFree (Point Of Sale Workflow)
  • Optimal Blue

General Enhancements

  • Secure Tokenized Date Framework – Additional Services
  • Upgrade Angular to version 14
  • Upgrade GraphQL .NET to version 7
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • MCP Admin – Custom Subject/Property Questions
  • Implement Ginnie Mae Pool Delivery Dataset (PDD) 
  • Update MCP Applications and Services to run 64 Bit 
  • Service Account Management via Command Line
  • Secure Delivery with Webhooks Scalability


  • ULDD Phase 4a Updates — Regulatory Date 5/22/23
  • LPA 5.2.0 Specification Updates 
  • DU 1.8.3 Specification Updates 
  • UCD Phase 3 Critical Edits 

Core Config

  • VA Entitlement Calculator
  • HELOC Workflow

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