Mortgage Cadence and Talk’uments Joint Webinar and Demonstration

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We will have expert panelists in attendance from both teams to further the conversation on Limited English Proficiency (LEP) benefits and strategies as well as provide a demonstration of the lender experience on the Mortgage Cadence Platform (MCP) and a demonstration of the consumer experience within Talk’uments. The webinar will also feature a live Q&A session with our experts. 

The webinar is being hosted on Tuesday, April 2nd from 10:00AM – 11:00AM MDT.

Meet the Panelists:



EVP of Services at Mortgage Cadence

Jim Rosen joined Mortgage Cadence in 2010 to build and grow the document generation and management offering at Mortgage Cadence. In 2014, Jim joined the Product Management team and brought his focus on automation, process efficiency and helping lenders find solutions to deliver mortgage loans to borrowers into to the product vision at Mortgage Cadence. As EVP of Services, Jim is leading Mortgage Cadence to focus on lending efficiency and cost reduction through our re-imagined MCP Platform, open and more functional API capabilities, and expanded integration opportunities.



Founder and Managing Director of Talk’uments, LLC

George Baker is a mortgage professional skilled in management, operations, loan production and marketing. For the past 33 years, George has demonstrated strong entrepreneurial talents and “out of the box” thinking. His ability to view the mortgage industry through a different lens has led him to becoming a top loan originator, a successful mortgage broker, banker, business owner, and technology entrepreneur.

Early on in his career, George recognized the nation’s changing demographics and deficiencies present in the mortgage industry’s consumer information delivery model—excessive reliance on paper, people and phones. He went on to develop and use consumer-facing multilingual technology that not only provides the borrower with a better experience, but also expands business opportunities. Realizing that borrower experience is a notable competitive differentiator, George began the process of commercializing his proprietary technology.

The importance of the Talk’uments technology was highlighted on a recent survey where 4 out of 5 borrowers had no clue what they signed at loan closing. Among future buyers, 25% had no idea what the closing process entailed, and answers from the survey also indicated that closing was the second most stressful part of buying a new home, only topped by the actual moving-in process. Importantly, the net number of homeowners from 2020 to 2040 is estimated to grow by 9% and be composed entirely of people of color, with Hispanic households representing about 70% of new homeowners. Studies show that 80% of these individuals prefer to do business in their native language.

Talk’uments is the mortgage industry’s first multilingual digital home loan guide. Using multimedia-multilingual digital tools, Talk’uments empowers borrowers with ready access to loan information, delivered in a manner that they prefer and understand—and that has real value, particularly for the purchasing generations of today that were brought up using YouTube, Google, and smart phones. Talk’uments promotes the classic educational sale for loan originations; “The more you tell, the more you sell.” It also allows lenders to target loan originations from different non-native English speaking groups (a business imperative) by complying with limited English proficiency laws and unconscionability standards in 31 states, and by addressing UDAAP and fair lending concerns.

Joshua Weinberg

Joshua Weinberg

President at Firstline Compliance, LLC

Josh Weinberg is a founding member of Talk’uments. Josh is a nationally recognized speaker, author, consultant, and leader in mortgage lending, specializing in integrating compliance and technology. He is currently the President of First Line Compliance. He is also the Vice Chair of the MBA’s State Legislative & Regulatory Compliance Committee and was previously Chair of the MBA’s Regulatory Compliance Committee, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of MISMO, a member of the Registered Institutions Working Group for the NMLS, and a member of ABA’s Residential Markets Committee. Josh consults with mortgage lenders and some of the top mortgage technology vendors in the country. Previously, he worked in the depository and a subsidiary of a depository environments, for one of the largest non-bank lenders in the country, and also worked independently as the owner of a mortgage brokerage company.